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Why do home buyers want to work with ASAP

We’re not here to sell anything. We’re here to give you an honest answer to important questions….


Does this sewer line need to be replaced?

 Believe it or not, our answer is usually, no. It can possibly be cleaned with the right equipment or maybe just a section of it repaired, but the need to replace (Sleeve) an entire residential sewer line is not usually necessary.

 Again, the need to do any work on a sewer line is in the eye of the beholder. Factors such as….. Is the basement finished, will it cause property damage when the sewer line does backs up? All these factors will contribute to the answer.


How often can I expect this sewer line to back up if we don’t fix it?


Well, are you opposed to doing preventative maintenance drain cleaning? How many people will be living in the house etc. There are so many factors involved in why sewer lines back-up. We would need to do a video inspection to determine its condition. Is it just a root problem or is it a pipe problem? They are two totally different issues. One is easy to address.




Why do sellers want to work with ASAP?

#1 We’re honest.

Only what you need. We’re not here to do as much work as possible. On the contrary. We know your house is sold. You just need to get a few things addressed in order to satisfy the buyer. We get it. We’ll only do that.

#2 You can save a lot of money through this platform.

Through our realtor network you’ll save an average of 25%.

#3 We can get PAID AT CLOSING.

Yes, we can get paid at closing. We do it all the time. No unexpected, out of pocket expenses. You’ve probably already spent a lot of money to get your house on the market.

#4 We can get the job done faster than ANYONE in the industry.

This is all we do. We have several crews repairing sewer and water lines all day, all year. We are usually only a few days out, at the most.

#5 We’re experienced.

Between only three of the ownership and management staff, we have over 50 years combined experience in underground sewer and water. Not to mention all of our plumbers on staff.

Our Reviews

Brandon Jackson

Brandon Jackson

Certified technician

Brandon is very professional and competent, very thorough and has taken the lead as the Top repairman

These guys are awesome. Dan was very knowledgeable about what needed to be done with my line. He scoped it, explained in terms I could understand and got his crew out the next day. I made the right choice.

David Savey

These guys are great! Very professional. Flat rate to repair my pipe. It took an extra day due to weather but they got it done for the same price they quoted me. No extra charges! Thanks Eric!
Elizabeth Jones

I called to schedule an appointment to have a sewer line inspected thinking that it would probably be at least a couple days until they could come. Within a few hours, Brian showed up to. He did a fantastic job. I will definitely recommend them.

Janet Chavez

I had a contract on the house pending inspection. The inspector found a few plumbing issues. I was referred to ASAP by another plumber. Mark was professional and knowledgeable. He came out the same day. Moreover, he could fix it the same day. I would definitely use this plumbing service again for any future needs. 

Jane Kieth

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