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Welcome realtors! Through this portal your clients can save 15% to 20% on sewer repairs through our realtor referral network. This can mean thousands of dollars in savings on big projects like sewer repair. Realtors referrals are a big part of our success and we’re growing. Therefore we’ve decided to streamline the process for realtors. We’ve decided to offer 100% of our services to the clients of realtors as well. Services such as drain cleaning, sewer video inspections and of course, sewer repair. Our prices and services are the best in the business. If they’re not, let us know. We can adjust accordingly.

Having a sewer line inspection prior to closing on a property is highly recommended. We’ve seen too many situations where a new buyer is stuck with a very expensive repair after moving into a new home. Some sewer lines in Minneapolis drop down to 30 ft deep or more. Some houses in St. Paul have “drill holes” instead of pipe. These are holes drilled through rock as deep as 60 ft or more, acting as a pipe. What happens when that “pipe” goes bad? A sewer repair in either one of these situations can be very expensive. Worst of all, it could have been avoided with a small investment into a sewer video inspection prior to closing. Our price, only $149.00

What pipe conditions require repairing the line vs simply cleaning the line?

Broken clay pipe

Most houses built before 1980 still have  the original clay sewer pipe. Yes actual clay pipe, just like a clay pot. You drop it, it breaks.The most common issue with clay pipe is the joints. They crack, break and either allow tons of roots in or they begin to disconnect from eachother. 

Misaligned connections

Pipes that were originally fit together tightly are now separating. This happens due to cracking pipe, soil movement and old age in general. We’re talking about 60+ year old CLAY PIPE. This pipe can be cracked or broken with just a little bit of pressure just like a clay pot, same material.

Bellied or sagging pipe

Once a little bit of water escapes through a cracked or broken clay pipe it will begin to erode the soil beneath the pipe which in-turn causes the pipe to settle lower and lower. This “bellied” section of pipe will constantly hold water which catches toilet paper and the like. Eventually enough toilet paper will build-up which will cause the sewer line to clog.

In most cases, the need to repair a sewer line is in the eye of the beholder. The buyer wants it perfect. The seller thinks it’s fine. Who’s right? Well, we’re impartial. We only recommend fixing what needs to be fixed in order to get the house sold and closed. We’ll help your clients save as much money as possible (spend as little as possible) while getting the problem fixed.

At ASAP we’ve learned that there isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to sewer repair. We offer several different options when it comes to repairing pipe. Some sewer lines need to be excavated in the yard or street. Some can be LINED from inside the house without any excavation at all. Some people want the whole line replaced. Some people want to spend as little as possible. We understand. That’s exactly why we do only what you need. Guaranteed.

Drain Cleaning Options

There are several types of drain cleaning options.

  • “Cable”  Typical machine used by all drain cleaners
  • “Chain”  Move effective. More expensive.
  • “Jetting” More effective. More expensive but requires specific access.
  • “De-Scaling” Removes build-up in old cast iron pipe. 


Sewer Video Inspection

We highly recommend sewer video inspection. We offer the best price in the industry, $149.00

We can clean it. Scope it. Make recommendations. 

Sewer Repair
  • Minor repairs
  • Major repairs
  • Interior repairs
  • Pipe Lining
  • Concrete patching (as part of our jobs)
  • Asphalt patching (as part of our jobs)


The percentage of times we've charged extra for ER sewer or drain cleaning needs.

 How soon can we get started?

 Again, our name is ASAP for a reason. We specialize in quick turnaround of every type of plumbing repair, above or below ground. From sewer repair work to water heater replacement, we can be onsite the same day in most cases. Do we charge extra for that speed? Never. We’re available year round. We charge the same on Christmas Eve as we do on a weekday in the middle of July. We’ve done more “holiday week” repairs than we can count. We understand that houses are sold all year. Sewer lines need to be inspected and repaired all year as well. 




Our Reviews

Brandon Jackson

Brandon Jackson

Certified technician

Brandon is very professional and competent, very thorough and has taken the lead as the Top repairman

These guys are awesome. Dan was very knowledgeable about what needed to be done with my line. He scoped it, explained in terms I could understand and got his crew out the next day. I made the right choice.

David Savey

These guys are great! Very professional. Flat rate to repair my pipe. It took an extra day due to weather but they got it done for the same price they quoted me. No extra charges! Thanks Eric!
Elizabeth Jones

I called to schedule an appointment to have a sewer line inspected thinking that it would probably be at least a couple days until they could come. Within a few hours, Brian showed up to. He did a fantastic job. I will definitely recommend them.

Janet Chavez

I had a contract on the house pending inspection. The inspector found a few plumbing issues. I was referred to ASAP by another plumber. Mark was professional and knowledgeable. He came out the same day. Moreover, he could fix it the same day. I would definitely use this plumbing service again for any future needs. 

Jane Kieth

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